March 04, 2013

Editorial | Named Coco

March 04, 2013
I hope my Google Translate skills were accurate when I translated the title of this editorial! Now, let's talk about this fabulous shoots, shall we?

I love how fun and flirty this editorial is. Coco Rocha's grace is spread all over the pages of Elle Ukraine; and I say grace because there's no other word to describe her. She is absolutely splendid in everything she does. The talented Rankiperformed the shoot with simple styling, retro looks, and pastel lips. The result of this was a playful, colorful, and wonderful editorial.

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What's your opinion on Coco and this editorial? I'd love to know!



  1. These photo's are gorgeous!

  2. She is lovely! LOVE the colors, especially her lips in the first two shots.

  3. Wow I love these photos! So bright and colourful :)

    - Celine

  4. Yay she's Canadian!! I love her personality - she's a little bit too skinny right now, much skinnier than usual but she is lovely.

    Having a giveaway on my blog here is the link if you'd like to drop by :D


    1. I love her personality as well! I will take a look at your giveaway as soon as I can (:

      xx, Amy

  5. Coco is a beautiful woman but she's my least favorite supermodel. Not because of her weight, I'm not just her fan but I do admit she's amazing. Nice post!
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  6. loved this editorial! the pictures are so bright and vibrant! so fresh and young! nice post!

  7. Team Coco!
    Are these shot by Rankin?


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