March 03, 2013

Memory dresses, by Raf Simons

March 03, 2013

'Memory dresses', that's the name of Raf Simons' fall collection for the maison Christian Dior; presented at Paris Fashion Week. It was a journey through the memories of the firm, described by them as 'the scrapbook made of the most significative moments of Simons and Dior'.

On a scene full of giant mirror balloons, made an appearance the most Raf Simons-esque looks he ever designed for Dior (but that's just my opinion). Minimalist style, crepe skirts, cotton bustiers, blue silk dresses and pleated pants. An ode to black & white and navy blue. I really liked that the make up and hair were also quite minimalist, they weren't distracting, ensuring all eyes were focused on what the models were wearing. 

What about you? Did you loved it or did you expect something else?



  1. very nice post!

  2. Love the name of this collection, and the makeup!

    - Celine

  3. I love this collection. I love the use of graphics. The collection was soft and dreamy. Raf Simons did a great job!



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