March 06, 2013

PFW: Chloé A/W 2013

March 06, 2013
After a few extremely busy days, today I finally had time to put myself up to date with PFW!

Chloé has always been one of my favourite Paris Fashion Week collections (besides Céline, Dior & Chanel, of course), it slightly shocked me at first, since I was expecting that Phoebe Philo's 'mark' continued being reflected in their collections. And unlike Céline - minimalist, feminine and sweet, Chloé opted for a preppy, kind of naïve version; all of this in beautiful blue, black, white and beige shades. This is something that may attract a younger audience (like me), that perhaps is less concerned with the implications of each firm.

Every dress, every blouse, every trouser... Each one of them exhibits well thought patterns, well executed, feminine and with a nostalgic point. Chloé definately surprised me... in a good way.

 Click through to find out more about this collection!

Did Chloé surprised you as well, or did you expect something like this?


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  1. This is a really lovely collection I think! Nice and simple :) Thanks for posting!

    - Celine

  2. So perfect in its simplicity, a lovely selection of photos!


  3. That grey coat is perfection. I love simple/minimalistic clothes

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    1. Isn't it? I'm so in love with it!

      xx, Amy.

  4. I'm know minimalism is such a big thing in the fashion world right now, but honestly, being such a girly-girl, I can't really get in to it. But this collection is a wonderful hybrid of Chloe's signature look and minimalistic chic. I LOVE the close-up shot of those rings. Stunning.

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  6. Love this! Thanks for your message on ifb. want to follow each other?


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