May 25, 2013

In our time | The windswept Floridian lifestyle

May 25, 2013
It seems like I've been falling in love with every Vogue editorial lately - see Window Dressing, with Tobey Maguire and Carolyn Murphy reprising Hitchcock's Rear Window or Take Twostarring a gorgeous Cara Delevingne and British actor Tom Hiddleston - and June's issue In Our Time wasn't an exception. Featuring the always lovely Dree Hemingway, actors Theo James and Jason Clarke, photographed by Bruce Weber and styled by Camilla Nickerson; this gorgeous photoshoot inspired by the 'windswept Floridian style of Dree's great-grandfather Ernest Hemingway on a lively Boca Grande getaway' resulted in a beautiful representation of the perfect Summer with days spent having fun at the pool, playing tennis wearing... uh, wedges; finally reading all those amazing novels you were eager to read and having long late afternoon walks at the beach...

Am I the only one yearning for the hot weather?

The title is a reference to a collection of Ernest's short stories published in 1925. I believe Hemingway lived in Florida some time in the 30's, though the elegant, retro sportswear featured in this spread are more reminiscent of the 40's; wich brings me to mind Slim Aarons' celebrity-lifestyle snapshots. The houndstooth particularly reminds me of Lauren Bacall in 1944's To Have and Have Not - a film based on Hemingway's homonymous novel, doesn't it remind you of her too?

By the way, have you seen how stunning Kate Upton looks in the cover of this issue? The last model that appeared in Vogue US' cover was Kate Moss in 2011, and we all know that Anna Wintour prefers celebrities, so I think that's a huge step for her!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Images via Visual Optimism


  1. I love this shots!

    - Camila

  2. I just started liking the editorial spreads, it might be because summer is approaching. and yes I saw Kate Upton she looked amazing.


  3. I agree, editorials look so much better during spring-summer! x.

  4. Aw, love this inspiration post! Makes me want to go to Florida.

  5. This shoot is so gorgeous! May I just say I've only just discovered your blog but I'm obsessed already - it's filled with so much inspiration!xx

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