July 08, 2013

Notes from the weekend

July 08, 2013
...after an incredibly uneventful week spent at home lying in my bed enjoying the pleasant temperature the air conditioner provides us while reading a book and eating an endless amount of macarons or studying French a little bit and sunbathing by the pool; this weekend has been spent outside, having breakfast in a lovely café at the port and a small shopping spree after that, lunch at my favourite restaurant and sushi for dinner with some friends before a refined soirée talking non-stop about random things until 2 A.M...

I hope you had a truly wonderful weekend filled with happiness, and a great start to a new summer week!

P.S - You can take a look at my lovely interview over at Chelsea's blog, The Ambulant.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photo! Would love to go to Laduree x

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  2. fashionenvious9 July 2013 at 16:36

    Love this photo! Did you took it? Looks awesome! xx

  3. I love it too! No, I didn't - I wish there was a Ladurée where I live! X.


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