August 08, 2013

Afternoons at the harbour...

August 08, 2013

The port is definitely one of the most lovely and beautiful places in my city; being it one of the most important in the western Mediterranean, it is always full of cruises and tourists no matter what time of the year. 

But it's during summer when it's enchanting to the fullest; all the yatchs are lined up in the harbour, tourists and locals sitting in restaurants and cafés sipping soft drinks to try to camouflage the high temperatures, people from all nacionalities walking along the promenade with a subtle breeze caressing their skin... Certainly a bliss.

I opted for a simple and effortless look, wearing my hair in a topknot to stay fresher and pairing my linen shorts with a basic black t-shirt and a pair of slippers. And I was ready to enjoy another serene summer afternoon out.


  1. Love these photos. What an easy breezy outfit. You look great!


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