September 29, 2013

PFW: Simons' modernised LADY DIOR

September 29, 2013

"For this season I thought about a different kind of woman, I imagined a new sophisticated and wild urban tribe at the same time. And no one really knows where she comes from or where she goes" - Raf Simons.

And as in fairy tales, the prologue of this fashion show could have been that of  "Once upon a time, long ago, in a faraway place..." That is, any time reference or place. Starting with the strange garden adorning the ceiling of le Musée Rodin, which could belong to an enchanted forest, or to the bottom of a deep sea. 

Floral silk dresses deployed at the shoulders and hips, college inspired jackets and shirts, pendants that seemed to be the coral itself, skirts with a lean silhouette from the mid-thigh down and a ballooning shape from the mid-thigh up - it certainly isn't the easiest silhouette to pull off, but it made for eye-catching pieces, especially when done with a stripe motif -; also languid and oh-so-delicate diagonally pleated skirts and dresses in such a light fabric, that seemed to melt onto one's skin {some of them emblazoned with slogans like "hyperrealness in the daytime."}, innovative takes on shirtdresses that came ruched and finished with contorted lines of buttons. . . and at the end of the show, models floated through the catwalk in silver jacquard dresses and Bar trouser suits .  . . . sometimes spontaneity makes its way to the artifice. And it looks like fresh air is blowing at Christian Dior.

Raf Simons showed a magical transformation of a beautiful woman into a fabulous creature that lives in harmony with nature, minimalism and floral patterns were subtly combined to create a beautiful look with balance between the classical Christian Dior and Raf Simons' new Dior woman.

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  1. I love the prints and shoes, but I could do without the pink/blue pastels.

  2. Can't imagine how to wear these pieces on streets. But they're so adorable!
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