January 08, 2014


January 08, 2014
I THOUGHT MY LIFE WOULD IMPROVE IF I GOT A LEATHER JACKET, and I was 100% totally right. As soon as I saw this biker jacket in the window of Stradivarius a few weeks ago, I knew I had to own it somehow; and even though I was supposed to be shopping for my family & friends' Christmas presents and buying it would mean the disappearance of almost half of my budget, I stepped inside the shop and tried it on. Upon looking at my reflection in the mirror of the fitting room, I saw a completely transformed version of me - I was a rockstar, wearing a band tee, some high waisted black jeans and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell roscoe cutout boots, and suddenly, I was an edgy and modern girl with a plain white shirt tucked inside an asymetric skirt and some Saint Laurent Classic Jane ankle strap sandals...

All this daydreaming ended up overwhelming me and eventually I took this treasure home and have already worn it non-stop since it's such a versatile piece. So in conclussion; was it all worth it just for a biker jacket? Most definitely yes.

Get it here, and similar ones here & here.


  1. It's gorgeous!! definitely a wardrobe essential. I always feel like a bit of a fraud wearing mine though, because it's far too cool for me haha, but i'm sure you'll rock it;)

    -Kate from bleached mort


  2. Really love this, I thought it was designer! I always shop from Stradivarius when i'm on holiday - it sucks that we don't have a store in London :(

    Melina x


  3. I know, I'm so in love with it! Your style is amazing, I'm certain you look amazing with yours. X

  4. Yes, it kind kind of resembles the Acne Studios Rita leather jacket. I'm actually not a regular of Stradivarius, but I fell madly in love with this jacket and definitely had to get it. I can't believe you don't have Stradivarius in London, that's a shame!


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