January 02, 2014

The muse: Françoise Hardy

January 02, 2014
I've always thought Françoise had a striking, natural beauty. She has that classic & quirky style with a Parisian flair that I oh-so-badly long to emulate. The boho sex appeal, pared-down mod style, chiseled cheekbones and intense gaze made her unforgettable. She was a muse for Mick Jagger, who described her as his ‘ideal woman’, Bob Dylan, who wrote poetry for her, and David Bowie, who confessed to be passionately in love with her for a very long time... it must be the je ne sais quoi.

Musician, model and actress, no one epitomized Sixties Parisian chic like her. Guitar in hand, the shy brunette wooed all of Europe with her girl next door charm juxtaposed with an utterly enigmatic French siren style, and despite her self-professed discomfort with fame, she graced the pages of ELLE, VOGUE Paris Match, and she never failed to smolder and shine in front of the camera and set the ‘street style’ standards high even before there was Internet, Instagram, fashion bloggers, and well... street style.

Whether in simplistic Breton tees, Mary Quant miniskirts, custom Paco Rabanne or a mod-meets-motorcycle attire (because everything looked fantastic on her elegant, boyish figure); her effortless, bohème look paired perfectly with her signature long locks, eye grazing bangs, pouty lips, and a oft-seen simple kohl-winged eye. Worn with grace and an underlying ferocity, her look sat in the balance between sweet, strong, and sultry.

Hardy is definitely a timeless beauty that shows no signs of slowing down. She released her latest album “L’amour fou”, in 2012 and continues to be an inspiration for women all around the world with her timeless allure & ever-enduring independent spirit.

P.S.: Happy New Year! I hope you had an impossibly wonderful New Year's Eve & that 2014 is off to a great start.

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  1. Amy: This is such a wonderful post. I like your take on this muse and the reason her style is appealing to so many. She seems to be a renaissance woman. Thanks for sharing this muse's biography and interests.


  2. She is so pretty. ^_^

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write this kind comment, Sharon. X

  4. Leith Mahoney-Maver10 January 2014 at 21:15

    Love Francoise! Pulls off kick-ass chick and stylish lady flawlessly. - Leith


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