February 11, 2014

A love story | Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

February 11, 2014

She conquered us all with her angelic face, eye-gracing bangs & an impeccable style, and he caused concern in anyone who knew him for the first time due to a magnetic and seductive but lanky physique. The love of a mythical 60's couple, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, together, they formed an enchanting duo full of sensuality.

The long-legged British actress and chanteuse, known for being the main inspiration for the infamous Hermés bag, met French songwriter, actor & director Serge Gainbourg on the set of a movie, and eventhough she repeatedly showed her rejection towards that damned poet with a husky voice who infuriated her so much, truth is that the provocative & rebel-like behavior of the eccentric singer conquered her heart. She became his partner, his muse, he wrote songs for her, and artistically speaking, he remained faithful to her until the very end.

After their scandalous Venetian getaway, the song Je t'aime... Moi non Plus was recorded. The single appeared on Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg, nd was censored in many countries (including Spain, Italy and England) for being too sexually explicit. All this fuss obviously made it a total hit, selling more than a million copies in only a few months.

The couple and their uninhibited love became ubiquitous, their pictures together toured the world, making headlines literally everywhere; they dazzled a whole generation. And differently to Serge's love affair with Brigitte Bardot, this wasn't just a simple fling as many expected it to be. Both proved the world wrong when in 1971, Jane gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg - the legacy of their love.

By 1975, these lovers returned to the spotlight with film Je t'aime... moi non plus, directed by Gainsbourg and in which the artist explored the sexual and androgynous ambiguity of gorgeous Jane.

Though as with many relationships (especially when a poet is involved), their obsessive and impassioned romance was often damnific, filled with ups and downs. Serge & Jane were both the best and worst thing for eachother. And so, in the early 80's, feeling as though she had no other chance, Jane left Serge. Later on, she started a relationship with filmmaker Jacques Doillon.

Serge of course, despite the break-up, kept writting music for Jane. Baby Alone in Babylone (1983) was their first collaboration since their split, and Amours des Feintes came out just seven years later. Little did they know that it would be the last one.

Tragically, on the he 2nd of March 1991, due to his aditions to cigarettes and alcohol, Serge Gainsbourg was found dead in his home at 5 bis Rue de Verneuil, following a severe heart attack. Days after, Jane dedicated him a very touching concert at the Casino de Paris. When the performance ended, the whole audience was silent; the timeless muse left the microphone on the floor as a way of farewell.

Only three days later his father, David Birkin, also passed away. Sadness naturally seized poor Jane - her two heroes were gone forever. And so she escaped from the public scene for some time; and placed all her energy into humanitarian causes. It wasn't until 1996 when she released her first album without Serge: Versions Jane, though it was indeed written by him. At present time, she continues to compose music, and collaborates with artists such as Manu Chao, Brian Molko, Caetano Veloso, Bryan Ferry or Françoise Hardy.

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin had a unique and extravagantly passionate relationship, they were unable  to live with or without each other. Their love story was impossibly vibrant and undeniably legendary, along with the iconic music they made together that with no doubt, will remain timeless.

Images via Pinterest. Inspiration via {This is Glamorous}


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