February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day & a farewell

February 14, 2014

Just a quick post to wish everyone an impossibly wonderful Valentine's day. How ever you'll be spending this lovely holiday - lunch with your family, a movie night with friends, or a delightful dinner with the love of your life - I hope it is filled with romantic gestures, lots of sweets, laughter & charming memories to last forever.

On another note, lately I have realised that I'm not enjoying blogging as much as I used to. Writting is & will always be my passion, and I absolutely despise the fact that I am posting on here just because I feel obligated to, as if I had some kind of commitment with this blog, and eventually, I've come to dislike its name. For that & some other reasons that are a bit more personal, I am going on an indefinite blogging hiatus. Hopefully, I will be back soon - with fresh ideas, a renewed design, and a new blog name. If you wish, follow me on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram if you want to stay in the loop of everything going on in my life during my absence. Until then, I wish you all the best and may your day be beautiful.


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  1. Best wishes, Amy. I enjoyed reading your blog for the short time frame since I discovered it.


  2. Weekenvy - Charlotte Hunter14 February 2014 at 19:15

    Aw Amy. I will miss you so much in the blogging world. Over the time period that I have chatted with you and gotten to know you, you have become a really close friend when it comes to blogging. I cannot wait to have you back when you are ready. We will have to keep in touch over the period when you are gone. X


  3. Good luck, I went through the same thing in August and the best thing you can do is step away and breathe and deal with life first and the blog later. I truly enjoyed your writing and perspective and applaud your representation of this age group. Best of luck and happy Valentine's Day.

  4. Sad to see that you're taking a break, but i completely agree with what you're saying. Best of luck with the hiatus! And Happy (late) Valentines day!

    -Kate from Bleached Mort


  5. I am sad to see you go, especially since I only recently discovered your blog. But I agree, it's better to step back and breathe for a while than force yourself to continue doing something you're not passionate about anymore. Best of luck darling, hopefully you will be back soon! xx


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