February 04, 2014

Valentine's Day picks

February 04, 2014
Though I may deny it and try to hide it behind my continuous neutral expression & nonchalant attitude towards everything love-related (those corny & sickly sweet teenage realationships really do make me cringe), truth is... I'm a romantic at heart. And with Valentine's day slowly approaching, I can't help but feel excited for the atmosphere this lovely holiday always brings to us. For those of you in a relationship, it means a wildly romantic day filled with kind gestures, flower bouquets and heart-shaped chocolate boxes; but for me, it means terribly sad movies, endless amounts of tissues and bowls and bowls of popcorn... just kidding. If you were planning to do that, you totally need to discard the idea - just because you're a single lady, it doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it! I already have plans in mind for that day; go out for coffee with the girls, do some shopping and get ourselves some pastries, have a movie night with Clueless, macarons, éclairs and truffles & do each other's manicures while gossiping about God knows what...

So anyway, onto what's important: the gift guide. You can give it to your boyfriend or husband, your best friend, even your mother, or if you're feeling generous, then take note and treat yourslef; because some little luxuries every now and then can't hurt anybody, right? Well, consider this as my Valentine's Day present.

Find out more about my picks...

A friend of mine introduced me to this photography book and I absolutely loved it; it also includes a short film & a version of the song Diamonds are  a Girl's Best Friend in a gorgeous pink vinyl. A must have, especially if you're an Eva Herzigova fan.

Because pretty lingerie always makes us feel a whole lot better about  ourselves, am I right?

A Valentine's day classic; these are actually my all-time favourite truffles. Seriously, you need to try them. They're sublime.

A really simple, but still gorgeous box to store your sparkly jewelry.

After having used this Chloé fragance - along with the Eau de Parfum version - for over a year, I can tell you this is one of the most durable perfumes I've ever had, plus, it has a marvelous scent.

Nail polish really does complete any outfit; this pinkish nude shade is ideal for any occasion.

Ankle strap sandals are my Spring staple, & you can pair these with anything - from cropped jeans to t-shirt dresses with a blazer thrown over.

 Nothing better than the sweet scent of candles lingering around your room. To be honest I only chose this one because of the name...

An ultra-chic way to carry your iPad around.

Oops, another perfume. I'm actually dying to try this one; firstly because I love flowers, & second, because well, look at the packaging. Do I really need more reasons?

 With that lovely gold/champagne shade, this iPhone went straight to my wishlist as soon as it came out.
Can I just say that this is one of my favourite collaborations for this fall? Take a look at the rest of the collection and you'll understand why.
This pair of uber original sunnies are to die for, you also have them in black, pink or in a transparent finish.

Another classic. Valentine's day is never the same without some beautiful flowers.
Okay, I just had to add something black to this gift guide. I fell in love with this zip pouch the moment I saw it, it has the perfect size for those day you only feel like taking your keys, phone & wallet with you.

With that quote on the cover - Escape the ordinary - this journal it's ideal to write down your thoughts, ideas, and well, literally anything.

P.S. - Prince Charming, wherever you are, I really wouldn't mind getting a few of this goodies on Valentine's Day. xo


  1. wilfox glasses!!


  2. I've been loving reading these Valentine's Day gift guides. They're always filled with beautiful (and often pink) trinkets and ah! Your gift guide was no different. I've managed to narrow it down (God knows how) to a favourite: the sweatshirt. Ohmygosh that is amazing. - J

  3. Weekenvy - Charlotte Hunter5 February 2014 at 07:00

    I absolutely love this Amy! Valentines day is actually one of my favourite days even though I am and have always been single, I still have so much hope for the future when it comes to love. I am such a romantic it is silly haha. You have chosen beautiful items - I actually have the pink version of the Kate Spade 'Escape the ordinary journal" ! However mine says 'Eat cake for breakfast' hehe. X


  4. The sweatshirt is my favourite as well, it's just so gorgeous!

  5. I'm in the same situation as you, I honestly love this holiday even though I've never been in a relationship. But I love to spend it with my friends and give eachother chocolates and all sorts of cute presents, haha. I might get that journal, I'm in desperate need of a new one! X


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